News Flash! Your daily workout doesn’t have to be complicated or long! The good new is, you can see results without leaving your home and in 30 minutes or less!

I know you are busy juggling kids, your at-home business, your blog, social media and real life relationships! I also know that you’d love to feel healthier and more toned! I’m not wrong, am I?

I’m pretty sure that one of the reasons you tend to skip working out is “time.” I know, I TOTALLY related. It’s my biggest excuse. Yesterday when I was commenting on the fact that my legs used to be my best asset and I do not feel they are up to standard these days, my husband rolled his eyes and simply told me to “workout then.” He’s right. Get over the excuses and just commit. 30 minutes a day. If that is too much, then start with 20 minutes. You can get up, get your workout clothes and shoes on and get your body in motion before your mind even realizes what you are up to. Sometimes, you have to be sneaky.

Another reason I know you skip working out is you think it’s too complicated (anyone else lack coordination?) or boring. Really, you don’t have to do Insanity to get your body toned. I don’t want the long, endurance training…I just want the body. Jump rope, floor exercises and hand weights are all I need. Maybe the street curb or the stairs in my home get incorporated occasionally. Mix up your moves daily and you’ll have a well-rounded exercise routine! The key is INTENSITY!  To get the most out of a short workout, you’ll need to work hard. There are plenty of exercise, stretching and safety how-to’s online. See what I did with my trainer last year, read Mom Beauty Bootcamp.

Gather up your jump rope, hand weights and yoga mat for a fabulous workout each day. I’m one that has to do it right away in the morning or it won’t get done. Do what works for you but don’t skip it! Exercise brings you more energy and greater confidence about your body and health! This week, I challenge you to work out with me at least 3 mornings for 30 minutes and share with me in the comments below or on!

After your workout, don’t forget to wash up! Rinse off showers help prevent breakouts by keeping sweat from sitting on skin. Washing your hair with mild shampoo like Aveeno PURE RENEWAL will help to prevent overdrying from daily shampooing.

Take the challenge, ladies! Get the body moving!

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