In honor of Earth Hour, my kids and the babysitter turned out the lights for an hour on Saturday night (hubby and I were on a date…).  I am so inspired by my kids and their willingness to make changes that matter. Turning out the lights is such a simple, positive step toward a healthier planet.  In honor of their action, I want to share one simple, positive step you and I can take in our beauty routine that will be healthier for our hair and our planet…


Give your hair a healthy break and give the planet a break by using less electricity, by incorporating one of these 3 Heat-Free Hairstyles to your week:

1. Braids- not only is this an easy way to style your hair, it just so happens to be a huge hair trend as well!  Wear braids in a variety of styles like the fishtail, french braid or a basic braid worn to the side for a chic twist.

2. Create curls the old fashion waysponge rollers or rags!  I remember doing this as a child many Saturday nights in preparation for church on Sunday! It’s one of those beauty tools that seems dated and left for the oldest living generation but it really is a great way to get curl and treat your hair with healthy respect! Give it a try!

3. Top Knot: let your hair air dry and embrace the natural texture!  Once dry, pull up into a top knot (a picture instruction guide can be found on my Pinterest). So chic and as long as you are using hair bands with no metal, it’s a healthy option for your hair!

4. Beachy Waves- do your hair in basic braids, or twisted up in a bun (or several, like I do below), while wet and remove once hair is dry.  Finger comb for a beautiful wave.  Add an extra touch of glam by putting in a small, face framing braid to compliment the waves.

When you don’t have to be anywhere until lunch, start your day with a shower and freshly washed hair. Once your hair is damp, twist sections of your hair into mini-buns, securing with hair pins, and let dry while you do your work around the house. They should be dry by late morning. Take down, shake out and style with your fingers, adding light hairspray if you desire. You’ll have beautifully tousled waves just in time for your lunch date or afternoon meeting!  See top picture for results.

What do you think? Are you ready to commit to ONE heat-free style this week?

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Join the conversation!  Share what #BeautifulChange you are making!

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  1. Actually, I try to let my hair dry naturally when I don’t have to leave immediately. So, it would be very easy to commit to at least one heat-free style this week. I love your photos and I will check out your Pinterest top knot guide. Thank you! x

  2. All styles you have shared are very famous and easy. I also recommend to use them for healthy hear and healthy environment. French braid is my favorite one. I think it make my face bigger.