Bargain Hats For Bad Hair Days


During the National Hat Month we are discovering all kinds of beautiful ways to top off our outfits, update our looks and best of all, cover up Bad Hair Days!  I’ve worn hats more in the last two weeks than I have all summer because my roots are so far grown in that simply clipping my hair back doesn’t hide it anymore!  Thankfully I am getting it done tomorrow but that is not going to stop me from wearing hats.  It’s the accessory for Fall and I’m loving it!

I found 3 stylish hats on clearance at Urban Outfitters for today’s featured hats!  Love the prices…only $9.99!

Urban Outfitter Clearance Sale Hats

From left to right:
Plaid Straw Fedora
BDG Wool Tam (available in 5 colors)
Deena & Ozzy Metallic Bow Tam

Urban Outfitters is currently having a huge Online and In-Store sale!  Hundreds of items marked for clearance, starting at $9.99.  Cash in on some sweet deals!

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  1. I live in the tropics and I got more bad hair days than I care to count. Unfortunately, covering the hair up with a hat is not the best option most of the time because of the humidity. Of course, that does not stop me from buying them. Haha



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