The biggest hair news this week is the cut made by Kate Middleton. She added softly sculpted angled fringe that blend into her long layers. Very 70’s inspired!

George Gonzalez of George the Salon Chicago told SheKnows that “The staple of this style is of course the bang,” he added. “The key to re-creating this is having your stylist cut an angled fringe with some of the sections skimming the tip of the nose in order to have the hair long enough to effortlessly sweep the fringe to one side. To soften this otherwise blunt edge when first cut, make sure your stylist ‘chips’ into the hair with the tips of the scissors.”

Already have the layers? Recreate this soft, sexy look at home:

  • Apply volumizing mousse to damp hair.
  • Dry hair with a blow dryer and round brush to create lots of volume and bounce.
  • After drying each section, twist and pin up to cool.  This will give you lasting loose, cascading curls.
  • Dry bangs, directing in the desired direction with brush.
  • Once bangs are dry, remove pins for rest of hair.  Gently shake out.
  • If needed, use a large barrel curling iron to hold curl.
  • Use your fingers, not a brush, to style to perfection.
  • Spritz with a light hairspray.

Enjoy your sexy, royal-inspired look!

Stylist Ted Gibson says of the cut, “What is so great about this side-swept bang hairstyle is that it requires no commitment, unlike a traditional straight bang which would need to be trimmed often. This layered look works with almost all face shapes and is sexy because it brings so much movement to the hair. The look is fresh, modern, youthful and simply gorgeous.”

What do you think of Kate’s new cut?

UPDATE 12/3/12: We just found out Kate Middleton is expecting! I wonder if she made this cut due to her pregnancy as many expectant moms tend to do! This adds a whole new light on the style. Do you think it was a good idea to add layers and long bangs to her style during a time when she will undoubtedly be tired? At least we know that her hair will grow more quickly now that she is pregnant and by the time baby arrives, she’ll be back to having her hair out of her face if she chooses to! Congrats Kate and William!

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