Bang Lust: Kate Hudson’s in Bride Wars

Kate Hudson in Bride Wars

Even though celebrity mom Kate Hudson recently went brunette for an upcoming role and has long since grown out her bangs, many of you are still lusting after her bangs in Bride Wars.  Who can blame you?  The fringe was fun, trendy and really brought out Kate’s eyes.

Wondering how to get your bangs cut like Kate’s?  I asked stylist Anh Co Tran from Neil George Salon in LA how to get the look.  He said:

It’s great to bring images or pictures with you to your appointment with your stylist, especially important, pictures of people with similar face shapes. You should pick the right bangs for you depending on your lifestyle, face shape, and texture of hair. Kate Hudson‘s bangs in Bride Wars are an easier style of fringe to have- they work well on many face shapes so that is a safe bet for all. And if you don’t like them for any reason, they’re longer so they’ll be easier to grow out! Another tip is to start small, trim long bangs and test drive the look for a while before making a total commitment.

To style: Rough dry out most moisture, then blowdry flat with a medium sized round brush- be very careful not to make the bangs round though, because modern bangs are flat-not rounded.

To have Anh Co Tran do your hair, contact the Neil George Salon in Beverly Hills, CA.

Take one of these pictures along when getting your bangs cut like Kate Hudson’s in Bride Wars!

Kate Hudson in Bride Wars

Kate Hudson in Bride Wars

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  1. She did look amazing in the movie. Thanks for the styling tip.

  2. found you on twittermoms…look forward to updates! i’m a former boutique owner (contemporary men’s and women’s fashions) and write about the topic for suite 101. feel free to check it out and if you see anything you’d like to link to from your blog, would love to connect!

    ps love your profile pic on twitter moms…adorable!

  3. Thanks for posting these pictures. I haven’t seen the movie, but I love Anne Hathaway’s “style” in those photos. That green shirt dress/coat is incredible. Have you seen anything like it in stores?


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