I was dying to try Baked to Perfection by Laura Geller since Thanksgiving. It’s a $126 value for $60 and it was out of stock for the longest time! The image shows a beautiful set of rosy and golden powders, primer, shadow and mascara for a complete face. I finally bought the set with the gift card my hubby gave me for Valentines Day. I was so excited. So excited!

Laura Geller Baked to Perfection

Thrilled to have received my set, I headed to the mirror to play with my makeup as giddy as my 3-year-old daughter would be. I opened my box and admired the pretty colors. I opened each product and carefully studied them. I loved how the colors swirled together! The shadow has Water Lily/Wood Forest (sheer metallic/deep brown gold shimmer) and looks like the perfect shadow/liner combo for spring. The 3 powders were in various shades of pink, gold and pink/gold swirl. Being that there were 3 powders, I had to refer to the instructions that accompany the set to find out exactly what each is suppose to do. Ugh, too much for that day. I careful packed away the set in the original container and threw away the return label and original Sephora shipping box (I was sure I’d love it, I had lusted after it for months, hadn’t I?).

The following day I pulled out the box and got to work on my face. Spackle Under Make-up Primer. I already use Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer (which I love) and the Laura Geller version was nothing special plus it came in a jar versus a squeeze bottle- it won’t be staying in my makeup bag. The powders…I apply as instructed. The Balance-n-Bright is too dark for my complexion, the Ethereal Rose was nice with it’s combination of pink and gold, the Blush-n-Brighten blush…well let’s just say I looked like a rosy-cheeked clown. So far, not happy…

Next I apply the Baked Marble Eyeshadow Duo. It’s got to look good! It’s so pretty, like a pretty stone sparkling in the water. I apply. I reapply. What’s going on?? I can’t even see the Water Lily (green/lavender swirl) on my lid….talk about sheer. I apply the Wood Forest (a deep brown, gold shimmer). Okaaaay…now my eyelids look muddy. You know, like they are dirty, sallow, ugly?

I try the mascara. I was already convinced it would be horrible. It was fine. It’s still in my makeup bag and I use it but won’t rebuy it.

I gave the products another try or two thinking maybe on that first day my eyes were sallow? (Hey, I’m trying to be fair and get my $60 worth…I threw away the receipt, remember?). In the end, I gave most of the products to my step-daughter with fair warning that they made my eye’s look muddy, my cheeks look clownish and my skin look like I was wearing makeup that was too dark. She has a good friend with darker skin, maybe the products will work on her. I kept the Ethereal Rose Baked Powder and use it as a blush. It gives me the same lightly tanned glow that my Too Faced Pink Leopard Bronzing Powder gives me so I like it. I also kept the mascara.

I am very disappointed the products didn’t meet my expectations! Very. But that’s what I get for lusting after makeup, right?! I feel a little bad that I have to write this long-winded report about how much I don’t like a product (sorry Laura Geller!). In the future, I won’t buy product sets when I’ve never tried the brand before and I certainly won’t throw out the receipt no matter how much I anticipate loving a product! Lesson learned, I hope you learn from it to!

If you’ve tried this product, I want to know how you liked it!  Please leave a comment! 

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  1. I saw these products when she was on QVC (I don’t know if it was this exact set, but I do know it was her baked line). They did look REALLY pretty in the pots. She had one that was a purple combo and it was just beautiful. But I noticed that it didn’t even seem to look right on the models, but figured that it was my TV or something.

    How disappointing! I would probably have been trawling through the trash for that receipt LOL

  2. ughhh I hate that. The set looks like it’s kind of cool toned, which I most definitely am not. Sorry about your experience with it though. I had a similar one where the husband threw away my receipt for a product I wanted to return. It’s still in my bathroom, and now he doesn’t TOUCH my receipts!

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  4. I couldn’t agree more. I’ve tried to love LG but nothing ever seems to work out. Rose was the only one that worked for this pale gal too.

  5. clarestella

    I have tried some of Laura Geller’s products also. I like the mascara that has two ends – one lengthens and thickens lashes and the other puts color on. I also like the makeup primer. I have the Bronze and Brighten which is a brush all over the face power. I can use a very little bit of it only. If I get carried away, I end up looking like I have fake tanner on (the orange ugly kind) and also because I am older, the powder sits in my wrinkles (yes, I own up to having wrinkles). Thus, I have to use the Bronze and Brighten very carefully.
    Sorry you were so disappointed. It sounds like the colors which should have been kind of universal were not well developed and marketed. When we buy a kit, we want to be able to use all the products.

  6. I love the baking-technique, but it’s just not for these kind of colors, and purpose. Channel and Bourjois (same company) love to use this technique, but they can make it with the rigth colors, the right pigments, for the right effect.
    LG’s products (mainly the eyeshadow) looks good on the pan, but it’s just not right color…feels like the outside was more important than the inside.
    My personnal low-beuty products are Bourjois blushes, they have sheer, nice, natural colors that can easily be layered over and over.
    (maybe using with a loose brush, the Bluah_n_B can be just right)

  7. Tammy

    wow, I’m glad I was not the only one not loving the product. I hate sounding off about a product but that set was just not working. I have since learned that the Ethereal Rose Baked Powder was a good one to hang on to! lebec loved it on me so I was happy to have the approval of a pro! 🙂

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