Back-to-School Must-Have: Glitter High-Tops for Girls


When you have a daughter, you get to share with her all things fashion, beauty and shoes! Teaching your daughter to appreciate fabulous shoes is giving her a lifetime skill. Since we want to help her learn to embrace her own style and choose kid appropriate styles (is she already asking to wear heels at age 7?), FabKids is a great place to start for quality, kid-freindly, fun styles!


Why these Glitter High Top Sneakers rock, according to my 9 year old:

1. Mega- glitter! (Note to moms: the glitter sheds initially)
2. They are comfortable
3. They are fun and none of my friends have shoes like this!
4. The heart is so cute!


Versatility is a key value that is important to teach your daughter when teaching her to shop! These sneakers work with skirts, like the Tulle Twirl Skirt, jeans or shorts!

Get all your daughter’s (and son’s!) back-to-school needs on

Love, Tammy

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