The Best Beauty Treatments Are Found In The Produce Section

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Use Avocados from Mexico as a hair mask to acheive beautiful, shiny hair

As a busy mom, I love multi-tasking products! One of the best I know of is the avocado.  My favorite food also provides a great way to get gorgeous! I am excited to share my favorite DIY natural beauty recipes on Avocados From Mexico website this month!

The nutrients provided from Avocados from Mexico include many vitamins, minerals as well as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that help your body in many ways. Learn about all their health benefits here:

What I am interested in sharing with you today is the beauty benefits of Avocados From Mexico. They are nature’s best beauty treatments! They provide nutrients that help make hair and skin gorgeous!

A goal of mine for 2015 is to use more from nature for my beauty routine.  Along with drinking more water and eating increased amounts of raw food, I aim to be more intentional about using beauty solutions with less chemicals.  It feels good to use all-natural products on my skin and hair.  Not only is it a good choice for my health, it is good for my budget! The best beauty treats can be found in the produce section! 

Are you inspired to look beautiful without the chemical products? Then enjoy a full avocado beauty boost with the tips I shared on the Avocados From Mexico website!  Click over to read the tips.

About Avocados from Mexico:

Avocados From Mexico are ‘Hass’ avocados. The ‘Hass’ avocado is the most common. It produces fruit year-round and accounts for 80% of cultivated avocados in the world. The flesh has a nutty, rich flavor with 19% oil.  Grown in the fertile orchard land in the state of Michoacán, near the Pacific Coast, Hass Avocados from Mexico offer higher oil content than other varieties, giving the fruit a uniquely smooth and creamy taste.

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