Beauty Game Changer: Your Lashes


My neighbor, Heather. Isn’t she gorgeous? She is wearing faux lashes and a Boho Hair Wrap. If you are looking for ONE way to improve your looks on any given day, the beauty game changer is the lashes. Some women think it’s all about the lips but for me, it’s the lashes. I am not […]

Outfit Inspiration: Weekend Wear That Helps You Look Long and Lean


What would a weekend be without some fabulous fashion? Many times the weekend schedule provides an opportunity to wear the outfits that get neglected during the week when you have to dress according to your work dress code. Bring forward those beloved, but overlooked, garments and have some fun! This outfit is perfect for lunch […]

Six Hair Trends to Try this Spring

beachy waves

Given that the new year brings us inspiration to change and improve, I want to encourage you to also try new things with your hair! Afterall, if you stay in your comfort zone and do the same thing to your hairstyle every day, it gets a bit boring! Time to freshen up your style and […]

Outfit Inspiration: Valentine’s Date Night

Outfit Inspiration: Valentine's Date Night |

Valentine’s Day will soon be here. While you may be thinking you have a month to prepare, let me assure you that the time will pass quickly. Remember how quickly Christmas came and went? To create the perfect look, you don’t want to be shopping at the last minute because you know when you do […]