Accessorizing To Fit Your Style Personality

What is your bracelet style?

Don’t just toss on any old bracelet! Your wrist candy should compliment your personal style. Instead of shopping trends, shop what is right for your style! Have you ever worn a bracelet that just drives you crazy all day long? Either it is too chunky for your taste or it feels too youthful for your […]

6 Ways to Get Motivated to Workout

6 Ways to Get Motivated to Workout

Do you have a hard time getting motivated to workout? I do. I love it while I am doing it and I love it after I have finished but getting myself to get started is another story.  Am I the only one with that problem? I doubt it. Since we all know the importance of […]

What To Pack In Your Tote To Stay Refreshed and Stylish While On The Go This Summer


This is what my week has looked like: It is summer and time for some fun! With 2 days in a row at Wet N Wild Palm Springs and the weekend ahead to be spent at the beach, it is essential to bring the right things along to stay refreshed and stylish! Here are my […]

Change Up Your Look Without Spending a Fortune


Looking for a way to give your hairstyle a bit of bling and change up your look without spending a fortune? A stylish headband is a great option! By investing in one fabulous headband, you’ll have countless opportunities to wear it! See what I mean: I love this Crystal Studded Headband! As you saw in […]

4th of July Style: Patriotic Chic

Fourth of July style

Happy Fourth of July! I hope your day is full of fun, cool drinks and fabulous people! As you get ready to head out to your evening gatherings, remember that casual style does not mean sloppy style. Get inspired by three outfits that will have you looking patriotic and chic! Love the Look? Shop It! […]