Beat the Stress: 10 Tips to Bring Your Life Back Into Balance


Part of being your most beautiful self is being less stressed! You can’t look your best with a furrowed brow and a frown. People can see stress written on your face! Take time daily to center yourself, breath deep and be calm. Here are a variety of ways you can center yourself, get inspired and […]

A Blend of Two Style Personalities


A friend of mine recently took my style personality quiz and her results worried her.  She knew that Modern Sophisticate was the right “primary” style but she felt that Edgy Elegance as a “secondary” was too much of a reach for her.  After we discussed that the secondary style personality can be used to enhance your […]

Get to Know Jeannie Jarnot, Founder of Spa Heroes, the Toxin-Free Monthly Beauty Subscription Service

spa heroes

Your Name: Jeannie Jarnot Your Business: Spa Heroes® Brief Description of Your Business: Spa Heroes is a new monthly beauty subscription service delivering ONLY 100% toxin-free products. We deliver one-full size, first-run super fresh product for face, body or hair that’s packed with natural Superpower ingredients that activate your body’s very own beauty superpowers like […]

Teach Your Daughter to Let Her Personality Shine Through Her Style


It is well established that girls just want to have fun…so, let’s dress them for fun! If you are in the habit of dressing your daughter as YOU wish, it is time to stop! Her personality is being stifled! As a good parent, I’m sure you understand the importance of allowing your child to develop […]

Shopbop’s BIG Spring Sale


Today is a great day to start building your spring wardrobe! Shopbop is offering a “The BIG Event” to help you save on must-have fashion. Get your friends and family involved and put together a group purchase because the bigger the order, the more you save! Here are the details you need to know: Date: […]