Argan oil is one of the most popular beauty elixirs of the moment, and it seems everyone is making one, using one, selling one…as a hairdresser, I’ve gotten lots of questions about it and have seen it pop up in countless new products.

What is it, and what does it do?  According to the Argan Oil Society, this natural resource from northern Africa can aid in everything from cholesterol management, to treating acne and chicken pox, to neutralizing stretch marks, to fighting UV radiation.  That’s a wide variety of applications, but for now let’s focus on what it can do for your hair and scalp.  Argan Oil can both strengthen and moisturize hair, and fight flaky scalp conditions, in addition to making hair soft and shiny.

Where can I find it?  While argan oil is an ingredient in several popular hair products, there are many other components to a product as well.  Macadamia Natural Oil blends argan oil with macadamia nut oil, which is remarkably similar to the natural oils our scalp releases, making it ideal for absorption by our hair…which we have made “thirsty” with chemical treatments, heat styling, and overall exposure to the elements.  The blend of macadamia nut and argan seed oil is ideal for nourishing and protecting the hair.

What can I expect from it?  Even after just one at-home use of the Deep Repair Masque, both my co-worker and I noticed an improvement in our hair.  Mine is medium-fine, wavy-curly, and colored.  Hers is medium-coarse, straight, colored and bleached.  This treatment is so intense that the label says not to use it more than twice a week!  For an extra punch, we tried in-salons treatments next.  This involves shampooing, then applying a blend of the Deep Repair Masque with the Healing Oil Treatment, and processing that with heat for 15 minutes.  The hair was so silky when we were rinsing it, that we were shocked!  The healing oil can also be applied as a styling/protective product, and is lightweight enough that it doesn’t make hair feel greasy as some other oil products do.  But don’t take my word for it, check out the reviews and press page on their site!

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Jordana Lorraine
Brazilian Blowout and keratin treatment specialist
Los Angeles, CA (Marina Del Rey)
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  2. This is the ONLY hair oil I have to use anymore. I used to use a variety of oils, one being Biosilk. I LOVE this Macadamia product line!!! You can click on my pinterest link to see more about it if you like!!

  3. My daughters will ONLY use Argan oil products on their hair. Our hairdresser noticed the improvement in my older daughter’s hair which tended to break easily in the past. Now it is much healthier. I was told it might be too greasy for my fine hair but I have tried it and love it too! My hair feels soft and shinier and not greasy at all.

  4. Argan oil is great for the skin and hair. What I love most about it is that it moisturizes without being greasy. The lustrous and silky effects are also amazing.