One of my new favorite products is the L’Oreal Paris HiP Color Chrome Eyeliner.  It gives your eyes an instant pop of color in cool metallic shades fit for the holiday season!  The color that comes from these unique liquid pencils is intense and bold.

My favorite shade is the Violet Volt (shown above), which sadly I have misplaced because I haul it all over the place with me!  There is also Silver Lightening, Gold Charge and Black Shock.

L'Oreal Paris HiP Color Chrome Eyeliner

As you can see, the Silver Lightening is quite intense.  While the Gold Charge appears less intense on my hand, the color is bold when worn on your eyes.

This liner is quite soft as L’Oreal Paris combined the saturated color of a liquid liner with the precision of a pencil liner.  You only need to apply lightly to get a lot of color so apply carefully.  The liner does stay put throughout the day despite the soft application, so no worries there- it will outlast your dancing feet!

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to update your holiday makeup, try L’Oreal Paris HiP Color Chrome Eyeliner!

Available at mass retailers where L’Oreal Paris is sold.

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  1. I have these in blue and green and love the color and intensity. I thought they wore off a bit quicker then the normal eyeliners but they were much easier to wear.

  2. Tammy

    I didn’t know the Color Chrome had green or blue? I haven’t seen them out or on the website. I’ll have to check next time I’m at Target.

  3. i have a standard eyeliner pencil sharpener and the Loreal HIP color chrome pencil won’t fit…what do you use to sharpen yours?