What’s better than an expensive pair of red high heels? Hair that behaves the way you wish it would everyday! Like kids, our hair often has a mind of it’s own. Curling this way or that; laying flat when you want volume; falling down when you need it to stay up…the story is the same for many of us! For me, I think I’ve found my answer to well-behaved hair! The Brazilian Blowout™!

This past weekend I drove an hour and a half to Santa Monica to meet with Jordana Lorraine, a certified Brazilian Blowout Specialist at Dino-Clark Salon (update: now at Phenix Salon Suites in Marina Del Rey.)  Jordana gave us the details of the Brazilian Blowout recently.  If you missed the article, please read it first so you have a better understanding of what I’m discussing here. Jordana suggested I come to her salon and give the Brazilian Blowout™ a try and I was excited to do so.

At the salon, Jordana gave my hair an analysis that determined the degree of curl I had. Based on the Hair Type chart on NaturallyCurly.com, I have every type of curl from 2a to 3b. The more course and dense the curl, the sooner it will return after the Brazilian Blowout. Jordana anticipates the back of my hair, where it is most densely curled, will begin to return to it’s natural state in about 2 months. The rest of the hair will hold the treatment for up to 4 months. The treatment will be completely out of my hair in about 4 months time.


Air dried hair in it's natural state

My hair in it’s natural state. I washed it and let it hair dry on my drive to visit Jordana. Three hours after washing it, it is still damp!

The back of my hair has the most dense curl

I didn’t add any product or attempt to style my hair. Notice the frizz and the variety of texture.

Jordana explained to me that the more porous the hair the better is absorbs the treatment and the longer the treatment will last. This is the one time that having dry, damaged hair from color processing will actually be a benefit!  My highlighted hair on the top of my head (I only have a half-weave), should hold the treatment for a longer period of time than the underside, which is not highlighted.

The 11 steps to getting a Brazilian Blowout™:

  1. Deep cleansing with shampoo.  The hair needs to be “squeaky” clean.  No conditioner is used.
  2. Dry hair with blow drier until hair is damp.
  3. Paint on Brazilian Blowout product (like a color gloss would be applied), section by section.
  4. Blow dry hair with product on.
  5. Reapply product over any fuzzy ends
  6. Flat Iron hair, section by section
  7. Rinse well; no shampoo (you do the first shampoo at home)
  8. Apply Smoothing Serum to wet hair
  9. Rough Dry with fingers
  10. Style with brush to blend ends if desired
  11. Very light trim of ends since hair was cut to work with your natural texture.  This step simply makes sure that your ends are even.

That’s it.  The process takes about 2 hours total.

Word of Warning:

Jordana asked me if my eyes were sensitive before she began to blow dry my hair in step 4.  I said no.  I was wrong.  Boy, was I wrong. All of the sudden I began tearing uncontrollable.  The fumes from the product burned my eyes.  Jordana gave me a plastic shield to stick to my forehead that helped keep the fumes from going into my eyes.  I applied this just before my Twitter friend Robyn (from Girls in Tech) came in to meet me for the first time!  Nice first impression, right?!  But she was so sweet and didn’t laugh at all!  In fact, I still struggled with tearing up and had to have my first face-to-face conversation with her with my eyes shut!  Thankfully, she understands the “price” of beauty!

Wearing face mask during Brazilian Blowout

The shield help protect my crying eyes from the product fumes as Jordana was blow drying my hair.

Tammy and Robyn

Saying goodbye to Robyn.  I’m done with step 6, moving onto step 7

End Results:

Tammy and Jordana
My final look! Jordana has also had the Brazilian Blowout done!

after Brazilian Blowout
smooth and sleek

Is the Brazilian Blowout worth the time and cost?

In my life, YES!  “Smooth and Sleek” is the hair I’ve always dreamed of having!

While I spent plenty of time on the road that day, Jordana was worth the trip!  She is professional, informative and super sweet!  If you are in South California, she is worth the drive!

As for the results of my hair, I cut down my normal hair drying time by 23 minutes! I kid you not!   Before my treatment I timed from when I got out of the shower until the time I could call my hair dry.  It broke down to be 30 minutes of air dry and 20 minutes of blow drying.  This did include blow drying and styling with a round brush to get my hair straight.  If I wanted a “polished” straight look, I would have had to add another 5 minutes with the flat iron.

Today when I washed and dried my hair for the first time since the treatment, I let it air dry for 20 minutes.  It took 7 minutes to blow dry.  I only used my fingers to move my hair around and added the round brush at the very end to add volume to my crown.  My hair is as straight as it was when I left the salon on Sunday.  I am in love.  I feel like my hair is Pantene ad worthy!

I haven’t had time to play with styling my hair ina variety of ways but it will take some getting used to.  The hair is silky and more slippery, which may cause styles with volume to require an additional spritz of hairspray or a volumizing product before blow drying.  I’d like to see how it holds a curl as well as how it dries naturally (I’m hoping for the beachy Giselle-style waves!).

This week will be a great test as we’ll be driving up the California coast on vacation.  I look forward to seeing how it handles coastal humidity, which would normally turn my hair into a frizzy mess!

Care of Brazilian Blowout™:

Jordana used a great analogy, likening the BB to laminating your hair.  The treatment coats the outside of your hair so you have to be careful how you care for it.  Shampoos should not contain sulfate or sodium chloride.  (The sodium chloride works as an exfoliant and strips the treatment from your hair)  Jordana recommends using the Brazilian Blowoutshampoo, conditioner, hair serum and deep conditioning masque to help the treatment last longer. Available in certified Brazilian Blowout salons.

Get it for less!

Jordana shared with us before that the Brazilian Blowout costs $350.  However, she will give you a $50 discount when you mention A Mom in Red High Heels!  That’s a generous offer!  I hope you take her up on it!  Thanks Jordana!

About Jordana:
Jordana Lorraine graduated from Vidal Sassoon in 1995 and specialized in color and extensions before focusing on Brazilian Blowout™. In addition to her Brazilian Blowout™ Certification, Jordana has spent a highly unusual 4 hours with the creator of the process, during which they discussed details of the treatment and worked on a client together.

Find Jordana at Phenix Salon Suites in Marina Del Rey.
contact: 310-922-2645

UPDATE, APRIL 2010: Brazilian Blowout™ is now free of formaldehyde and all hyde family ingredients, as shown on their website www.brazilianblowout.com. Read our report: BIG NEWS: Keratin Hair Treatment, Brazilian Blowout™ in Now HYDE-FREE!

Not ready for the commitment of a keratin treatment? Try an at home anti-frizz system for hair: Living Proof Straight Making Styling System ($34 Value)

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TAMMY GIBSON, founder of A Mom in Red High Heels, is a God-loving, coffee-drinking, heel-wearing, wife and mom offering up her best tips to help women look and feel fabulous so they can achieve their biggest dreams.


  1. Hey- this is Meg, I just returned from Hawaii and thanks to the comments- I got the BB before I left and I am thrilled- I didn’t have deranged poodle head the whole time and I love how fast I can do my hair now! This is great!

  2. Hello all,

    I just had the brazilian blowout done about 2 weeks ago and I am less than thrilled with the results. I paid $200 not including tax and tip and my hair doesn’t really look much different. I have wavy, frizzy, kinky hair that just won’t straighten no matter what. I read that if you have wavy hair, the process will make your hair straight and shiny. Well, my hair is still wavy and a bit frizzy. I still have to wrestle it straight with a flat iron and I still have to use product ti make it look shiny. This is not normal is it? I also read it was supposed to kind of seal your hair and make it look less damaged, but I noticed after I had it done I still had a good amount of split ends. I read it was supposed to be some kind of miracle treatment. For the amount I paid, I am hugely disappointed. Should I ask to have it redone or ask for my money back?

  3. @M I am sorry to hear you are underwhelmed by your Brazilian Blowout. It does not sound like the normal result, but would be difficult to say without seeing your hair before and after. The rice you paid is actually well below average, so maybe the stylist was new to the treatment? Or maybe it’s just no a high-service salon. If you are not in a city, maybe that’s just the going rate, I don’t know. I would recommend you make a consultation appointment with the stylist and the manager of the salon, to discuss the results you expected vs. the results you received, and hopefully come to a resolution. Good luck!

  4. Dear M .. I am sorry to hear about your disappointing results … I wonder if the salon where you had it done was one of those that use the Brazilian Blowout Products .. I did go to a salon authorized on the BB website .. Cost $350 including products .. I was more than happy w/my results .. It has now been six weeks and I had my hair colored two weeks ago … The texture has changed .. it is not as straight as it was initially .. but I love that it changes .. although the texture has changed in that I see waves here and there .. a bit more volume .. but I still love it .. no frizz at all .. More time consuming now to blow it dry but still less than the half the time that I was spending prior to my BB … The shine is still there as well .. I will consider redoing in a couple of weeks … Two months first time out with coloring .. I am happy .. I found BB to be all that was promised … The salon I went to suggested it would last ten to twelve weeks .. that may be a little bit of a stretch … If I were you I would go back to the salon and see what they say … I have read lots of the blogs and I am wondering if some people are getting something other than the Brazilian Blowout .. I have also read people with thin hair are not having the best of results either …
    Go back .. see what they say … ! ! Most people absolutely love it … and do it again without question !

  5. @Esther’s experience is much more the norm! The waves come back first, before the frizz, and the conditioning effects last the longest. Esther, some advice: repeat before it is gone completely, and it will build up and last longer next time. Enjoy!

  6. Jordana .. I will take your advice and book my appoint today ….!
    I am hoping the results will last even a week or two longer but nonetheless my hair today is 100 times more manageable than it was prior to the BB .. I can’t imagine my life without it .. ! !
    Thank you Jordana … !
    I was thinking of taking a water aerobics/pilates class …
    However am concerned about going in the pool two or three times a week .. Although they claim you wont get your hair wet .. I am skeptical … Any thoughts about what that might do to the BB?

  7. @Esther Good question! While swimming or surfing can diminish the longevity of your results, water aerobics should not get your hair very wet. My Mom does this, so let em think about it…It may depend on your height, as you will be standing in the pool, but they will want you to submerge to shoulder depth for some of the exercises. Here’s an idea: make the water aerobics days, your hair washing days. Wash hair before class, apply conditioner and clip it up. This will protect your hair from accidental splashing. Then, after class, rinse it out and style; this is kind of like a mini-treatment! If there is a hot tub, sauna or steam room where you take the class, sit in there for a while to help the conditioner set in, then it’s almost exactly how we do it in the salon 🙂

  8. Thank you Jordana for all your help .. I will follow your advice … ! !

  9. I had my second Brazilian done this week … I honestly can’t imagine going back to the big frizzy curly hair … However .. couple of concerns .. I went to a different salon .. still on the Brazilian’s list of certified salons .. So not sure if was the hair stylist or the procedure .. She did not seem to have the command of my hair as the first stylist did .. My hair is straight but doesn’t seem to have body or the shine it did the first time … It is fine for sure but just not quite the same .. Not sure if the first time is different because it is virgin hair .. The stylist followed all the same procedures as the first .. again not the same command but I can’t say she did anything wrong .. she is an experience stylist as well .. The first salon charged $350 w/product and this one charged $175 for the first visit and then $200 thereafter .. no product ! So thought I would try .. Can you comment on why the hair might feel just a bit different .. maybe just a little less body and not quite so shiny ? Thank you .. !

  10. @Esther I’m sorry to hear that your second treatment didn’t measure up to your first. While the ‘first’ of anything is usually the most exciting, because of the new-ness (car, apple pie, eyebrow wax) it sounds like there are specific ways in which this one didn’t work as well.

    We’ve all heard the expression, “you get what you pay for.” This is a product, but it is also a service. Let’s compare it to a steak. Your first steak was a filet mignon at Ruth’s Chris, and it was divine, but it cost $50. You see that a local restaurant has filet for $30, and puts a coupon out for $5 off your first visit. Still not cheap, but since you love filet, and it is half the price here, you go for it. But it falls short. Even if it was the same type and quality of meat (or in your case the same BB product–though one salon or the other could have had a newer/older bottle) there is still seasoning, trimming, and method of cooking that contribute to the final taste and texture of the steak on your plate.

    There are several steps where a BB could fall short, many of which you wouldn’t be able to tell if it were done differently at the time; proper clarification of hair, amount and method of product application, blowdry technique, iron temperature and technique.

    If price was the only reason you tried someone else, I would recommend going back to the first person next time, and explaining what disappointed you about the second BB. This has happened with clients of mine, too. A ‘good deal’ is tempting, but isn’t always a good deal, all factors considered. If the first person isn’t an option, research other stylists in your area; check out their reviews on sites like Google, Yelp, and Citysearch (they may be reviewed individually, or under their salon.)

    If you haven’t already, check out this post on choosing a stylist: http://amominredhighheels.com/keratin-treatment-choose-stylist/

  11. Jordana .. Thank you for your comments .. I think the best way to describe my hair is that it is a bit limp in comparison to the first time .. If this was the best I could get I would still do it .. I hear you though loud and clear .. Let me honest .. the first salon is two and a half hours away from where I live the one I went to yesterday is twenty minutes away .. plus less expensive .. I had had this stylist color my hair and was very pleased … so all in all I thought why not try .. To be fair .. I could feel the difference in the way she handled my hair yesterday vs the first stylist .. So maybe I learned my lesson .. I will go back to the first stylist I was just trying to find someone closer to my home .. Again though I am probably overstating my feelings .. She clearly followed all the same steps … it was her command of my hair that was different which sort of impacts my confidence in her .. Then too she seems bothered by the solution … so maybe that played into it .. Not sure ..
    I so appreciate your response Jordanna .. thank you ! ! Esther

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  13. @Jordana & Esther. Well, I did go back to the salon today and my stylist redid the treatment free of charge. She apologized and said that my situation is not the norm and that she’s never has anyone come back with the same complaint.(I do have EXTREMELY thick hair) I figured out that they are using the Gjarrah Keratin treatment and not the trademarked Brazilian Blowout. Are you familiar with this one? As for the price, the salon was running a back to school special. I live in the LA metro area and I have noticed a lot of salons with first time BB treatment specials. I will see how this one holds up but I don’t think I will go back to that salon and make sure the next salon I go to is certified. Another one of the things I may not have mentioned in my previous post was that I had to wait 2-3 days to wash it or tie it back (which is not easy to manage with the type of job I have), I read that you could wash the same day with the BB. The stylist also told me that it was not necessary to buy the BB brand products, which I will for sure do my next time! All in all I was disappointed with my treatment, but I will say my hair is easier to manage now than it was before!

  14. @M I am so sorry to learn that you were misled about what product was being used on you. Unfortunately, this happens a lot, and sometimes they stylist may not even realize they are misrepresenting. Their sales rep may have told them it was “exactly the same,” and they may not have looked into it. I had not heard of the product Gjarrah, so I looked it up. Have you watched the video? I’m sorry to say I was not impressed with the results, even in their own promotional/instructional video. The model’s hair looked dull and dry.

    I’m glad to hear they re-did it for you, and I hope it is better this time around. You may still want to make a point to the manager about the false advertising thing, to help prevent other clients from sharing our disappointment. While Brazilian Blowout may not make your hair straight based on your description, it certainly does make it softer, shinier, less frizzy and easier to blow (and keep) straight. And, your process will be done when you leave the salon; no waiting before you can shampoo, work out, wear a ponytail, etc.!

    A tip for shopping for your next treatment and stylist, hopefully Brazilian Blowout: I am in Santa Monica, come see me 🙂 But to be fair, here are some other helpful posts to read:

    Some info that may help you choose a treatment:

    How to choose a stylist:

    How to avoid the bait+switch:

  15. M …
    The BB that I had sounds a bit different .. The products used were clearly marked Brazilian Blowout Acai … I could actually leave the salon and wash my hair if I wanted .. I didnt want to but I could have .. You can certainly wash .. pull it back whatever you wanted to do … I didn’t wash my hair for a day or two solely because it looked so good .. These days I wash my hair about every other day .. sometimes I have gone two days without washing .. On those days I wet it down in the shower .. condition and then blow it .. I too have very thick hair .. but I must admit the volume of my hair was completely tamed after the BB … I am on my second BB now and I love it .. I would hate to go back to life without my BB .. I hope this will work for you .. but it does sound different than what I had ..
    I am reading about concerns re the BB products .. There is concern over OSHA testing that the products contain high levels of formaldehyde .. I did read the BB website and I am satisfied with their response for now … I will continue to follow .. I must admit I had only a slight reaction to the product while it was being applied to my hair .. Sounds like others may have an allergy or a much stronger reaction …
    Good luck M .. Let us know how it works out for you … Again most of the people I know who have had it done love it and do it again and again .. !

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  19. I had a this done a year ago I was happy when I left the salon but after I washed my hair I was not, Yes it left my hair softer for about 2 weeks but after that it was back to normal. It was a waste of money for my hair. I recently bought a new straigtening iron, curling iron, and hair care products and spent a forth of the price as I did on the Brazillina blow out and my hair is softer than it has ever been in my life. I was at the Mall and a salesman asked me to let him try his straitening iron on me, he took 17 minutes to straigten my hair that took me on average an hour and a half to straighten with my Chi Iron. I went ahead and purchased the products thinking in the back of my head “man I just got taken” But after using the products and the iron I was so happy. It took me 20 minutes to straighten my hair this has never happened for me. Like I said the products left my hair sooooo soft I can even run my hands through my hair and I can not stop. I am amazed. I would never waste my money getting a brazillian blow out again. If you want products that really work search for HER STYLER products, they have a website. You can also buy them on Amazon which is a lot cheaper. I have very course,thick, frizzy, and tight curls I have always hated my hair but now I love it. I dreaded straightening my hair before these products because it just took so long so I only did it about once a month or so but now I do it all the time. Good luck ladies I hope you take my advice

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