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Do your kids suffer from allergies? Mine do. In fact, our entire family has allergies but my son’s are most severe. During spring and fall, he is miserable. When we notice persistent symptoms of sneezing, red eyes and a cough, we start him on a regimen of allergy medication and diligently work to maintain other good practices that help minimize the symptoms. Staying consistent and recognizing allergies for what they are has helped us make our son’s life more enjoyable during allergy season.

Check out my tips for giving your child allergy season relief on SheKnows: 6 ways to help kids enjoy themselves during allergy season.

I know it can be frustrating to watch your child suffer with seasonal allergy symptoms but there are definitely steps you can take to minimize the reaction and they don’t include keeping your child indoors until the season is over (who has time for that?)!

Let me know how these work for you. If you find them helpful, please share with other families who may need seasonal allergy relief.

Love, Tammy
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  1. I agree air purifiers are helpful and taking showers after you have been outside when pollen levels are high. I would suggest taking your child to an allergist (if you haven’t already) as they can pinpoint exactly what your child is allergic to. They can suggest the best medications to treat that allergy or even do allergy shots which can help symptoms get better. I have both indoor/outdoor allergies and my allergist has been a lifesaver. Great post, thanks for sharing!