Get The Look: Ali Brown

If you are a female entrepreneur, I know that you know who Ali Brown is. If you don’t, I highly suggest you acquaint yourself! Ali is a passionate business woman who has many success products to help business owners excel in their own field. Ali also offers a fabulous coaching program called Elevate. You can learn more about Ali and her programs on her website, Every entrepreneur should have a business guru to look up to and learn from!

Now, about that “LOOK.” Ali posted this picture on Facebook of herself with Lisa Sasevich, another business guru dubbed the Queen of Sales Conversion (Lisa is also included in INC magazine’s top 500 Fastest growing companies in America):

Take a look at Ali’s necklace. Stunning, right?

I found the same style on Shop Suey Boutique!

Amazing resemblance, right?

You can also buy the classic aviator style sunglasses that Ali is wearing for only $15!

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