What is the age of beauty? 

Is it when you have youthful, flawless skin?  Is it when you are in your early 20’s and you really begin a skin care regime, lose the teen acne and maybe even making wiser health choices?  Is it in your 30’s when you grow into a more confident you?  What about when you hit 40? Some women say they feel more beautiful at 40 than they did at 20.

Does life experience contribute to a more beautiful you?

I don’t think there is a right answer.  Some women, grow more beautiful as they learn to embrace themselves for who they are, growing more confident with each passing day.  Some women, are gorgeous in their early years and age poorly due to a hard life, poor health or unfortunate genetics.  Whichever path you are heading down, I hope you are choosing, as I am choosing, to fight the signs of aging to your fullest ability.

I see no reason to let the wrinkles and sags take up residence on my face at a rapid rate.

While I am definitely noticing aging, I feel I appreciate my looks now that I am past 40.  I struggle with seeing the lines and know that they come from not taking diligent care of myself through the years.

Some was from innocence, not understanding the harm of the sun.

Some from being naive, like knowing the harm of the sun but loving the tanned skin I had after a summer in the sun.

Some from simply not taking care of myself like I should have- lack of sleep, lack of exercise, lack of water and lack of nutrient rich foods.

I’m still learning.

While I have always enjoyed beauty and fashion, I’ve not always been the most consistent with my routine.  I wish I had started anti-aging skin care back in the day and I’m glad my 26 year old step-daughter has already incorporated it into her routine!  Today, my routine is ridged and consistent.  There is always the chance of reversing the signs of aging and certainly the opportunity to slow the onset of more!  I’m fighting every day!

Skin care is more than creams and serums.  It is…

nutrient filled diets
and the right skin care regimen for your skin!

I confess, exercise and proper hydration continue to be areas that I need to considerably improve upon.  My eating habits are improving since I cut out most of the dairy in my diet, as well as meat.  It really wasn’t hard for me to stick to when I saw a huge difference in my skin.  I noticed far less breakouts and general clarity of my skin.  This change has been the biggest change in my skin care as an adult.  Because I have less breakouts, I have more confidence.  Because I have more confidence, I feel more beautiful.  Lines and all.

Aside from my improved skin care habits, these things make me feel more beautiful at 40 than 20:

I’m a mother
I have a husband I adore
I run my own business
I am my own boss
I proved to myself that homeschooling my kids would not kill any of us and they are actually thriving
I travel more now than any other time in life and I love it
I survived death in my immediate family
I survived my daughter’s diagnosis of T1D and Celiac
I helped raise a step-daughter who is happy and succeeding in life
I have the opportunity to work with many amazing brands
I work with many fabulous people
I feel more confident in my values
I am learning to say no and not feeling guilty about it
I am learning to take time off
I frequently feel how blessed I am
I am stronger

These things, more than skin care, make me feel beautiful but it took a long time to get to that place.

For me, life experiences have led me to feel more beautiful.

I think it’s called wisdom and finally listening to my body and heart.

(Now, if I’d stop making excuses and listen to my body tell me it’s time to exercise…I might really reverse some signs of aging if I did that!)

There is no age limit to beauty – it’s a timeless virtue that ultimately comes from within. What is your story? Do you feel more beautiful as you grow older? What is your secret to looking and feeling beautiful?

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