It’s crazy fun being a mom, isn’t it? It’s also a big responsibility making sure you are helping your kids be healthy, learn good eating and exercise habits as well as buying the best products you can find within your budget. You want your kids to enjoy a long healthy life so teaching them how to make good choices is your number one concern as a mom.

With all the information available today, it’s hard to know what exactly what to teach, buy or do that is best for your kids. I say, keep it simple.

In our family, we’ve had to drastically change our diet after my daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and Celiac nearly three years ago. It’s been a healthy change but I’ll be honest, it’s been hard. In the end, we do our best to eat raw fruits and veggies, organic lean meats and drink plenty of water because these prove to contain the best nutrients for our bodies. I’ve even given up meat, most of the time, and am learning to rely on plant protein. I still munch on Cheetos or indulge in ice cream now and then but it is far less than it was before!

I’ve also started being more aware of products I use. The shorter the ingredient list is, the better! My kids are already exposed to enough chemicals in the environment living in Southern California, I think their skin care and bath products should be full of natural goodness! This is where Yes To products come in!

As a mom, I am confident that these products are jammed packed full of yummy natural ingredients like Organic Carrots, Shea Butter, Organic Cucumbers, Jojoba Oil and many more! Why choose ingredients you can’t pronounce when you can have products like these?

There has never been a better time to say Yes To natural parenting! Learn more about Yes To and receive their newsletter full of healthy tips by visiting today!

What changes are you making for your family to live more naturally? Please share in the comments or on Facebook!

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