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When asked, what my one essential beauty product is, I always responded mascara. My lashes are fairly long Think about how wonderful it would be to skip the mascara and not look like you were tired or sick. On rushed mornings, you could skip the makeup, swipe on some gloss as you walk out the door and look awake! It almost sounds like a fairytale, doesn’t it?

Well fairytales do come true. Latisse is an excellent solution to help your thin, short lashes look long and lush!

Our own super-stylist contributor, Jordana Lorraine, is a huge fan of Latisse and when you see her results you’ll see why!


Jordana shared with me, “I have been using Latisse for nearly two years, and I love it! My natural lashes are a decent length, but somewhat sparse and inconsistent. I tried lash extensions a few times, but found them high-maintenance and costly, while temporary false lashes can be time-consuming and heavy. I tried an over-the-counter lash enhancer, but I am very sensitive and it irritated the skin on my eyelids. I even got two styes, which I can’t be sure was because of it, but they came up within a few days of trying it. Needless to say, I discontinued and a few months later I tried the real thing. Latisse is very effective easy to use. I now get compliments on my lashes all the time, and often get asked, “Where do you get your lash extensions done?” They even brush against my sunglasses, and I have to be careful until mascara dries, or I can get little black smudges on my browbone!”

I have been reassured multiple times that there is nearly no chance of my blue eyes turning brown while using Latisse.  The manufacturer has to disclose this due to this occurring when Latisse was used as drops for cataracts.  Jordana shared a picture of her blue-eyed friend with me. This friend has gorgeous lashes and has been using Latisse for a couple of years without any problems.

If you are interested in giving Latisse a try, I have a great special to share with you:

Latisse gift with purchase from Dr. Duncan Miles

For $179 you receive:

  • 5 mls of Latisse (lasts 12+ weeks!)
  • $20 rebate
  • TNS eye cream ($95 value)
  • and a makeup bag of goods

If you are interested in this bundle, contact Dr. Miles’ office at 909-509-5900.  Their staff can answer any questions!  If you are not local, they do offer shipping for a small fee.

This was too good of a deal not to share! I hope you can take advantage of it and enjoy your gorgeous lashes for 2014 (full results take about 16 weeks).

*Dr. Miles is a plastic surgeon in my town.  In addition to cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, his office offers full cosmetic services, including facial rejuvenation with Matrix Laser, Botox, Juvederm, Radiesse, Sculptra Aesthetic, ViPeel, Latisse, Obagi and Revision Skincare, and ColorScience Mineral Makeup.

Love, Tammy


Tammy Gibson, A Mom in Red High Heels

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  1. @Preeti I know, right?! So awesome! Can’t wait to hear about your lash growth success! Keep us posted!