Celebrity Stylist, Ted Gibson has been petitioning heavily for an Academy Award for Best Hair.  There is a “Best Makeup Award”, after all!  I agree with him, hairstylists are artists and their work should be recognized!  Here, our on-site hair expert Jordana Lorraine, gives us her thoughts on the Best and Worst Hair from the Academy Awards red carpet. There are a couple of clear winners and more than a few styles that need a do-over!

The 84th Academy Awards were last night, and as usual, I care about the hair more than anything else!  Well, I should care about the outcome a little, since my date won the pool, which he used to take us out for drinks and a late bite afterwards!

So whose hair was like an angelic halo, and whose was just an unnatural disaster?  Read on…



Emma Stone was absolutely stunning in a vibrant red dress, with subtle make-up and a large, modern bun that was sleek but not slicked.

Emma Stone

Berenice Bejo was breathtaking, and looked dramatically different from her role in Best picture winner The Artist. I swear I didn’t choose her just because she’s a redhead now!  Her side-parted, front-lifted braid-leading-to-a-bun was a beautiful interpretation of current updo glamour.  Que hermosa!!

Berenice Bejo

Rose Byrne managed to break my ‘no everyday style at a formal event’ rule and still make the Best Hair list.  She wore her bob in a deeper side part, which added to the style and accented her darker bangs.  With nary a frizz in sight, her hair beveled smoothly under at the ends.  It is also worth mentioning that her choice of earring were appropriate in that they fell in line with the hair, rather than interrupting it (ahem, Anna Faris!)  This is the way to wear short hair to a formal event!

Rose Byrne/ Anna Faris


The My Little Pony squad was out in full force last night.  Gwyneth Paltrow and Sandra Bullock were for some reason sporting extensions that looked like they were on loan from Mr. Ed.  I am so sick of this, and the mismatched extensions as well (these ladies at least had a good color match going on, unlike Nicole Ritchie at the Golden Globes or Fergie at the Grammys.)  Some people might say it’s not a big deal, or it’s harder to match color and texture because these are temporary hair extensions, as opposed to long-term extensions.  I say that’s no excuse–see here!  These are huge stars with huge budgets, and all they needed was for their stylists to do a consultation a few days prior to the event so they could get well-matched hair. My number is 310-922-2645 🙂

Gwyneth Paltrow / Sandra Bullock

You can see bulk behind Gwyneth’s ears where the extensions are attached, and Sandra’s pony is unnaturally high on her head…not to mention, so excessively shiny that I’m not even sure it’s real hair. Miss Piggy‘s hair looked more natural!

Miss Piggy

Penelope Ann Miller was another pick for worst hair.  She has made a comeback in the past few years, and in all fairness she looks beautiful.  She is 48 with two kids, has a great figure and nice skin.  But her hair is a dusty grey-beige color that does nothing for her, and the thin headbanded updo she wore to the Oscars was more appropriate for a Junior High School dance.  I know it’s not nice, but I have to compare her to Lea Thompson.  Why?  Because at one point (20 years ago,) these two were almost twins.  Lea is actually three years older, and also has two kids, but looked gorgeous last night.  Call me biased (no, really, go ahead and call me biased) but I think this tarnished *Penny* needs to return to copper-tone.

Penelope Ann Miller / Lea Thompson

Penelope Cruz was apparently going for some sort of vintage glamour…but sometimes ‘vintage’ just looks ‘old.’ Penelope is SO beautiful and sexy, but it just doesn’t show here in this roller-set bob.


Viola Davis, for wearing her hair natural (as opposed to straightened or extended.)  Especially considering she was there representing a film about African-American pride and rights, this was a brilliant choice!  Her hair color, on the other hair, was too close to her skin color IMHO.

Viola Davis


Jessica Chastain, who has made leaps and bounds since the Golden Globes!

Jessica Chastain


Stacy Keibler.  I almost gave her the Most Improved award, since I didn’t like her hair at the Golden Globes, but when I first saw her last night I thought she looked beautiful.  But then I saw the back…I agree with Stylelist‘s comments: “Pretty and sleek in the front….Confusing and messy in the back.”

Stacy Keibler

What did you think of the Academy Awards Hair? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Jordana Lorraine

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  1. Penelope Ann Miller is Gorgeous!

    Penelope Ann Miller is gorgeous! I love her.