Red High Heels can bring a touch of adventure, a punch of pizazz or a hint of romance to our style. Whether you’re like me and love Red High Heels or are just looking to shake things up a little, nothing can make you feel quite as happy as the perfect pair of Red HighTammy & Tana Heels.

Wearing Red High Heels gives women self-confidence and will help us overcome our inhibitions as well as helping us to be seductive and alluring. There is something glamorous about Red High Heels that can transform our lives. Red High Heels have magical powers.

All women have the opportunity to look their very best each and every day. It has to be an intentional act. When a woman becomes a mom, she should not give up on herself as a woman. Becoming a mother does not mean she suddenly becomes last on her priority list! In fact, she should make every effort to pamper herself often. She should fix herself up each morning and feel good about how she looks. She should wear stylish, well-fitting clothing and keep a modern hairstyle. She should wear red high heels as often as possible.

My goal with “A Mom in Red High Heels” is to educate Moms on how to look great and feel fabulous in her role as Mom. I am here to encourage, support and educate Moms on all things beauty and style. Knowledge is empowering. My hope is to empower women, just like a great pair of red high heels does.


A Mom in Red High Heels


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A note from Tammy:

I believe in making myself a priority in my life. I adore my family and am committed to their every happiness but if I’m not taken care of, they won’t get the best of me. Am I a better mom because I get pedicures? Well…yes, I am. The time spent getting my toes done is much needed down time for me, plus pretty toes make me smile. I return refreshed and ready to meet their needs.

This website is not about being obsessed with how one looks. It’s about caring for one’s self. It’s about working with what you have and empowering you with knowledge so you don’t spend a lot of time or money that you can’t afford to spend.

I am the mom of two. I know the challenges that motherhood makes on one’s personal beauty routine! Moms are a special breed. They, more likely than not, live on a limited budget, with limited sleep and limited time. My desire is to make each mom feel special about her looks, proud that she keeps herself looking her best and educated about fashion and beauty decisions she makes.


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