The 9 Best Things About Exercise

The 9 Best Things About Exercise

We all need motivation, encouragement and support when it comes to working out. Some are more motivated to get themselves sweating than others (ahem, me), but for the benefit of us all, I’d like to put out a reminder as to why working out is so great!

The 9 best things about exercise:

  1. A workout helps you feel amazing (love those endorphins)
  2. You detox through sweat (so good to get those toxins out!)
  3. You burn calories (if you burn more than you eat, you lose weight!)
  4. It makes you thirsty so you drink more water (which you should be doing anyway!)
  5. It builds your muscle strength (so good for posture!)
  6. It helps your legs look amazing in heels (and skirts!)
  7. It helps prevent some diseases (keep that heart healthy so you live a very, very long time!)
  8. It makes you feel sexy (good for your sex life!)
  9. You get to wear cute workout wear (I say, live life in style…even when you workout!)

I am not a fan of workout wear being worn anytime other than during your workout. However,  I do suggest when you do workout that you wear clothes that look and feel amazing! Frumpy, dumpy tees and baggy sweats will only cause you to feel blah and not at all sexy (see #8).  Of course, just wearing the cute workout wear isn’t going to give you the benefits of exercise.  It will make you happy to wear it though because who doesn’t love cute clothes?

Course 3 Piece Outfit from Fabletics:

Fabletics Loveland Hoodie


Fabletics Loveland Hoodie


Fabletics Sevan Sports Bra II

Fabletics Salar Leggings

Another great outfit compliments of Fabletics!

  • The Loveland Hoodie has a kangaroo pocket and a modern burnout style (layer over a tank or sports bra!). I have always wanted a long sleeve top with the thumbhole! Love this top!
  • The Sevan Sports Bra II is sexy with all it’s back straps (style is in the details!).  It offers light support so a bustier woman will want something more supportive.  Great for those of us with bust line!
  • Salar leggings are offered in 17 colors so you can go bold and bright or keep it neutral.  The fit is comfortable and there is plenty of stretch!

Here is how Fabletics works:

  • Create Your Lifestyle Profile – Take our quick lifestyle quiz so we can get to know you better.
  • Receive Personalized Outfits – Each month, you’ll find new outfits hand-selected just for you and your workouts.
  • Shop! – Buy the outfits you love or skip the month altogether. There’s never any obligation to buy.

If you want to check out their styles in full, use my personal invitation code to shop:

What are your favorite exercise benefits?  Comment below!

Love, Tammy




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  1. You made a great point about wearing workout clothes that make you feel great. It shouldn’t, but it really does make a difference for motivation!