9 Action Steps to Greater Success (An Exclusive Interview with Angelique Agee, Senior Executive Unit Leader for Avon)

Angelique Agee

I have some exciting and helpful information to share with you today! I know many of you are working as independent consultants/reps for various companies. Many of you are seeking out opportunities to help with the household income and some of you are at a crossroad and need to come up with a solution to support yourself due to a loss of job. While many, many women begin businesses at some point in their lives, only a small majority really make a commitment to grow the business to the point that the income can support their lifestyle and family.What habits does a successful woman have? What keeps her going when times get frustrating? What motivates her daily to get up and run her business?I am so excited to share with you this exclusive interview with Angelique Agee, Avon Representative and Senior Executive Unit Leader. When I asked Avon to connect me with someone whom we could all learn from, they introducing me to Angelique. She is warm, dynamic and absolutely loves what she does (**hint: this is one huge key to success!)In this interview, Angelique shares many tips for getting in the right mindset, setting up your day and being persistent so that you can reach the level of success you desire.

You can download and listen to the full recording here (recorded on FreeConferenceCall.com).

Here are some of my favorite parts of the interview:

Q: What do you do daily to make sure your day is a success?


  • I prepare the night before.
  • My entire calendar is on Google Calendar so my leaders know where I am and when I am available.  I am excited to have a full calendar with no “white space!”  It energizes me!
  • I like to be on time and give myself plenty of time to get to appointments
  • I connect face-to-face when possible but love technology for doing webinars and connecting on Skype with those who are not local.
  • Positive thoughts!
  • With Avon, we work in 2 week cycles so I live in a “2 week” world, creating new goals for each cycle!

Q: What motivational speakers inspire you?


  • Les Brown’s 3 day seminar that I attended was transnational for me.  I learned to focus on what I want, what is good and positive, instead of focusing on what I don’t want.  It changed me and how I worked the business.  Out of this seminar, I overcame issues of self-esteem.  I learned I am a perfectly made person by God.  (editor’s note: please listen to the interview to hear Angelique share this herself)
  • Joel Olestein
  • John Maxwell’s book The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership: Follow Them and People Will Follow You (10th Anniversary Edition). Every leader needs to read this!

Q: Was there a moment in your business that you remember having to “face the fear and just go for it”?

A:  I am very shy be nature and at the beginning of my Avon business, I never spoke at the meetings.  I was making about $35K per year on sales while still working my full time job.  Right before a meeting with 100 people, my division manager asked me to share my story.  I tried to get out of doing it but I really had no choice and spoke for a few minutes.  I was very nervous but that started something.  The next thing you know, I liked it! What I loved was people telling me that what I had shared helped them!  I was scared to speak so it is ironic that it is what I ended up doing with my life!

Q: When speaking in front of a group, what is your routine for getting your energy up before going on stage?

A: Water, sleep and really being prepared and thinking about what I can share so I can help people change their lives.

Q: What inspires you to keep working toward the next level of success?

A: We have not made all the money we can make as a team.  My team members have their own goals that they are working on.  As a leader, my job is to help them reach their goals.  When they get there then I will be where I need to be too.  We need to keep moving and stay focused on what we are doing.

Q: What does it mean to you to be an Avon Rep?

A: You are special.  Avon changes lives.  Avon is all about helping the representatives make their goals.  I wish people would give the business a little more time and not give up so easily.  I had times that I wanted to give up and I didn’t.  I am so glad!  It has been life changing .  (Editor’s note: You can hear in Angelique’s voice that she LOVES what she does!)

When I break it down, here are the 9 actions Angelique applies in her life to be a success:

  1. Be prepared by setting daily goals, weekly goals and long term goals.
  2. Keep a clear list of daily actions that need to be accomplished.  Share them with those on your team so you are all on the same page.
  3. Listen to and read motivational material.  Continue to learn.
  4. Face the fear and do it anyway…you never know how it is going to bless someone else and where it will take your journey!
  5. Keep working and stay focused on where you want to be.
  6. Do what you love.
  7. Give your business time to really change your life.
  8. Focus on what you can do to change the lives of others.  How can you help them achieve their goals or meet their needs?

The last one is probably the most important one.  When I was speaking with Angelique, I could tell that she was passionate about helping others.  I could hear it in her voice and in the way she spoke.  When your focus is off of yourself, your wants, your desires and turned to others, your business will have a clearer mission.

The rest of the interview can be downloaded and listened to in full.  It’s worth your time if you are striving for greater success in your life!
Interested in learning more about the Avon opportunity?  Contact Angelique at any of the following places:

Website: www.youravon.com/aagee
Facebook www.facebook.com/avonstarteam
Team website www.starteamsite.com


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