I loved the 85th Annual Academy Awards red carpet dresses! There were SO MANY gorgeous gowns…I loved them for their stand-out details! I’m happy to see that the prom-y ball gown styles were worn minimally. Jennifer Aniston showed up in one and certainly left no impression on me (boring! Her style is usually so much better!) and Helen Hunt wore one but I’ll forgive her because hers was an H&M style and I love that she chose a budget-friendly gown (however, the jewels had mega star-power as they were reportedly worth $700,000)!

Here is my list of the 7 Best Oscar Gowns on the Red Carpet:

Stacy Keibler

Nicole Kidman

Naomi Watts

Zoe Saldana

Charlize Theron

Sandra Bullock

Nora Jones

These dresses have 3 things in common:

  1. They fit the woman beautifully
  2. They have fun detail, making them interesting and unique
  3. They standout as elegant yet wearable

3 Dresses that didn’t make the list:

Reese Witherspoon’s dress is a gorgeous blue and does have great detail with the colorblock and bow.  But, that same colorblocking was part of the problem…it made her top appear smaller than it is, creating the illusion that her mid-section was larger than it really is. Plus, it just doesn’t fit Reese correctly.  See how it bags out at the belly? Not flattering to her cute, petite body!

Jennifer Lawrence‘s dress is stunning…absolutely Oscar-worthy.  The problem is that it could double as a wedding gown for her one day.  I am left wishing it was a different color…perhaps pale yellow or a mint green.  I much prefer her Vanity Fair after-party silver Calvin Klein dress!

While I love the back of Anne Hathaway’s dress (see it here), the front has me cringing.  I hate nipple exposure and this dress either exposes or creates the illusion of nipples.  I don’t find that appealing- get some nipple concealers already!

Which dress do you love (or hate)?  Share in the comments or on Facebook!


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