7 Totally Great Ways to Get You Excited About Exercise

6 Totally Great Ways to Get You Excited About Exercise | amominredhighheels.com
Are you ready to amp up your exercise routine for 2016? I know I am!

If you are not, why not? It is good for your health. It’s great for your skin and is a fantastic why to put the breaks on aging. It’s kicks up your mental game. It can be social or even great alone time, whichever you choose!

If you are not ready to commit, I ask that you reconsider. You’ll feel better, look better and actually will be a better person. That is a pretty bold statement that can’t be said of many things but is true of exercise!

Here are  a few tips to get you ready to bring your best effort:

  1. Set a regular time to workout. I love dropping my kids off at school and hitting the gym before going home and getting distracted with the many other things I need to get done. I always feel better and am glad I invested the time in myself!
  2. Get totally and completely honest with yourself. If you don’t tell it like it really is, you’ll never stick to exercise. Are you overweight? Then be firm with yourself and say, “My body looks awful…I MUST loose 25 pounds.” Or if you are unhealthy, low on energy and always cranky you need to tell yourself to stop being a whiner and making excuses. When you stop giving yourself a way out like “I am just a little overweight” or “I am too tired to workout today, I’ll do it tomorrow” then you’ll start making a commitment to yourself and seeing a difference in your life. Don’t be soft on yourself, be hard on yourself.  Make it a MUST, not a should.  You matter, right? Then your health matters too, plain and simple.
  3. Crank up your favorite tunes or your favorite motivator on your ipod and loose yourself in your workout. No one is listening in or judging what you are listening to, this is all for you! The hour I spend with Tony Robbins or Ali Brown is a great way to get my mind in gear for making great things happen in my life.
  4. Schedule workouts with friends. Skip the gym and go for a brisk walk. Or, use an app like endomondo to compete with friends even when you are not with them. It’s a real motivator!
  5. Make a dream board of your ideal life. Does it include being sick and overweight or low on energy? No way! You can’t achieve your best life if you don’t also work on making your body healthy and strong!
  6. Register for a race or event that is happening a few months from now. Being committed to a specific event really motivates you to stay consistent with your workouts. It could be a 5K run/walk, a 50 mile bike ride, a Crossfit competition or even a mud run! The crazier the better because it will excite you!
  7. Get excited about a new workout routine with great workout wear!  You don’t have to spend a lot on workout clothes but wearing cute, fitted gear will inspire you instead of depress you like baggy sweats and tees will. Make sure you have good shoes because if your feet hurt, you won’t workout! Check thredUP.com for great pre-owned items!  This is a great way to save if you are wanting to lose weight and are in-between sizes!

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My wish for you is a year of good health, energy and a body you are proud of!

Love, Tammy


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