7 Tips for Improving Your Work/Life Balance

Striving to improve your work/life balance…is it even possible? I find that women who own businesses are the ones most in need of this balance. As a work-from-home business woman, I can attest to the fact that it is not easy to do. It takes some practice, systems and commitment to make it work right but it can be done.

Here are seven tips I’ve gathered and used over my 10 years of working from home.

  1. Write goals. Have a list of goals for the day, week, month and year.  If you don’t, you’ll work haphazardly on multiple projects. I know.  This is my biggest problem area.  I get the shiny object syndrome and lose focus on what matters.
  2. Check off your list.  You won’t feel like you are getting anything done if you don’t check off your list.  In your business, you forget all the great things you have accomplished so writing them down and checking them off helps you feel accomplished.  You’ll be able to step away from work and actually enjoy family time knowing you got things done!
  3. Schedule time for everything.  Social media. Work projects. Play time with your kiddos. Sex. Personal time. Serving time. Hobby time.  If you don’t schedule time, you won’t make time and pretty soon the day is over and your child (or husband) is feeling neglected.
  4. Send cards.  Write down a list of family and friends that you want to stay in touch with but end up neglecting due to lack of time.  Schedule in your calendar a day, once a week, to write and mail (you have to get it stamped and in the mail to check this off your list) a card to just one person on that list.  It doesn’t have to be long but it does have to be personal and meaningful.  Something that tells them you are thinking of them and praying their day is going well.  Work down your list until every person has been sent a card.  Who cares if it takes 6 months to get through the list? What is important is that you reached out and connected.  Now, repeat, starting at the top of the list.  You’ll feel good for bringing a smile to someone’s day. They’ll feel loved.
  5. Spend time with your kids individually.  Go to breakfast twice a month with just your son.  Have lunch with your daughter on opposite weeks.  My husband has been doing this for years with my kids and they all love it.  Great memories are being made!  If budget is an issue, pack a lunch and go on a picnic, even if it’s in the living room.
  6. Date nights are key.  You must maintain that connection with your spouse if you want to have a happy household.  And, do him a favor and don’t talk about your work or business.  Trust me on this one. I learned the hard way that habitually venting about work is not a great date night convo to have!
  7. Make time for your friends.  I have a beautiful group of friends and we rarely see each other but every birthday we get together to celebrate and catch-up.  Six times a year we get together.  Don’t feel guilty that you can’t call or see them weekly.  Guilt does nothing to strengthen a friendship, it weakens it.  Savor the time when your schedules do line up and make it a distraction free time (silence and leave your cellphone in your purse where you can’t check it every time there is an update).
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Keep these tips in mind when planning your schedule for the next week or month.  Give it a little time and you’ll have this work/life balance thing down!

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