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6 Tips to Bring Out Your Inner Radiance

Life is constantly changing.  If you don’t live fully charged, you may end up overwhelmed and under achieving. No one strives to live this way but sometimes, we end up far from the life we dream of living. Today is an excellent day to begin living a Truly Radiant life!

I’ve learned a thing or two so far in this life (with much more to learn!).  Life hasn’t been easy but who’s is? It’s important to move forward and stay engaged.  The following is a list of my personal philosophy for living a radiant life.

tips to bring out your inner radiance:

  1. Get enough sleep.  The first year after my daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes aged us 5 years! We were up every night at 2 AM to test her blood sugar and often, more frequently than that due to low blood sugar levels. I am not very radiant when I am sleep deprived and I believe that to be true for everyone!  Crabbiness, weight gain, dull skin and brain fog all occur with sleep deprivation.  Get your sleep, mom!
  2. Walk it Off.  Or run, kick-box, do bootcamp… whatever your exercise choice is, be consistent! I love the results of working out and miss it when I am not doing it on a regular schedule.  More than the benefits to the body, I appreciate the benefits to my mind.  I come up with my greatest ideas when I workout.  I am also happier and more energetic.  The healthy glow and toned muscles also help me feel sexier and confident.
  3. Laugh.  Surround yourself with fun people and pets.  My husband, kids and pups make me laugh all the time.  I so appreciate the humor they each bring to my life.
  4. Know your Personal Style. When you understand and embrace your personal style, you’ll live more confidently, letting your true self shine!  No more pretending to be something you are not! Rock your own style!
  5. Trust Your Instincts!  Looking back, every major decision I’ve struggled with could have been quickly decide if I had not questioned my instincts. Like the decision to homeschool our children.  It was never something I had a desire to do.  My pride and selfishness got in the way during our decision making.  I made excuses for why we shouldn’t homeschool.  In my gut, I knew it was the right thing.  I finally listened and homeschooling for a few years has been the best thing for both of my kids.   It’s not easy to trust your instinct but with age and wisdom, it gets easier.  Save some time and just learn from my life lessons!
  6. Be Diligent with Personal Hygiene. Take good care of your skin, teeth and hair.  Keep them healthy and clean.  Our bodies, unfortunately, wear out in this lifetime so being consistent with your hygiene routine is key to life long outer radiance.

 photo 8459fa08-2d0c-4267-9059-1023f2c23b39_zps7c4cddb2.jpg

Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant toothpaste, Whitening Booster and Spinbrush take mouth hygiene to a whole new level!  Red wine and coffee, two staples in my life, are notorious for leaving teeth dingy and stained.  To keep a youthful smile, I rely on these powerful products!

  • Truly Radiant toothpaste removes 100% more surface stains than ordinary toothpaste.  It is the only toothpaste containing baking soda, peroxide and active calcium for protecting, strengthening and whitening your teeth.
  • For extra whitening power, try the Whitening Booster.  It is clinically proven to whiten in just 1 week. It is so much neater and easier than wearing white strips, plus tit contains 3 times more whitening agent than leading white strips!  Just apply over the Truly Radiant toothpaste up to 3 times per day.
  • The Truly Radiant Extra White Spinbrush is just awesome! It’s a powerful plaque remover and my hygienist will be so happy at my next dental cleaning!  The special bristle design helps whiten and deep clean your teeth.

A white, bright smile is a great way to show the world that you choose to live radiantly!

What are your tips for living a radiant life?



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