6 Mother’s Day Gifts You’ll Want Too!

Still wondering what to get your mom for Mother’s Day?  I know how important it is to have a special gift to give that is going to be loved and appreciated!  Don’t fret!  I have ideas!

Six Mother’s Day Gifts You’ll Want too!

  1. The easiest way to update your home for a new season is with lotions, soaps and candles in a fresh scent!  Your mom knows this trick too and will appreciate your contribution to her daily ambiance!  Caldrea has a great new scent out that is perfect for summer: Blackcurrant Mint!  The best part is, since you are essentially out of time, you can pick these up at your local Target!
  2. A piece of jewelry that can be worn every Mother’s Day for the rest of her life, then passed down to you, then your daughter.  I’m talking a piece that makes a statement but remains timeless.  Coach has many such pieces but it’s the Twist Link bracelet that really catches my eye.
  3. Cozy and comfy is the way she wants to be when settling in for the evening.  How about a Monogrammed Bathrobe? Plush and luxurious just like the ones at the spa, these robes are like a sigh of relief for the tired mom (and Dad, for Father’s Day!)
  4. Moms with a focus on fitness will adore a new workout outfit.  Activewear will encourage her to maintain her healthy lifestyle so she’ll have many more Mother’s Days with you!
  5. You can never, ever go wrong with red high heels!  The sweetness of spring sandals is the perfect gift to any stylish mom.  To make the gift super-duper special, include a gift certificate for a pedi as well!
  6. For the mom who loves her tech gear, a new designer tablet or phone case is a must!  Buy her something that she’d love to own but will never splurge on herself!  She’ll think of you with a smile every time she pulls out her phone or iPad!  Shopbop has an amazing collection!

If you just can’t get it together and end up running out of time (it happens to the best of us), get her a bouquet of flowers and a write a heartfelt personal message in a card.  She’ll love it because it’s from you!

Mother's Day Gifts with Style

If you already have an awesome gift to give, share it in the comments below to inspire the rest of us in our gift-giving endeavors!



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  1. Liz E. says:

    My daughter started painting mini birdhouses last July for her grandmas… didn’t finish for Christmas, but did for this holiday ;) I added some finishing touches so it counts from both of us – and husband signed the card too! Here’s hoping the boxes get to them in time, just mailed today!

  2. Tammy Gibson says:

    Liz E. » Sounds perfect! :)

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