I’ve been listening to and reading lots of business material since I hired my business coach. One reoccurring theme that I’m finding in the message is to surround myself with positive talk. Having positive self-talk is the most important thing I can do for myself because if I don’t believe I can create, nurture and grow a business to the level of success I desire, then it won’t happen, no matter how much effort I put into it.

There is so much to be said for thinking the right thoughts and I admit, I fall victim to “stinkin thinkin” on a daily basis. I get overwhelmed with all I have to juggle. I get scared about what I have to accomplish to get to the level I desire. I question myself and feel guilty. Daily…DAILY.

I had a “revelation” over the weekend. You see, the house was completely quiet. I was alone, except for the pups. It was a very rare time in which I could turn up the volume on some business audios and truly focus. While listening to, I realized I needed to make a Beautiful Change for spirit and mind. I need more positive talk around me.

Years ago, my husband I listened to cassette tapes (anyone remember those??) with positive talk, business and life strategies. I fumbled around in the garage until I found them. Then I realized my big challenge. We no longer own a tape player! The next day, my problem was solved when I actually found a tape to MP3 conversion kit-it’s a pretty cool little gadget! Let the positive talk begin!

Do you need to make this change too?

You don’t have to be a person in business to benefit from positive talk! Experts share that there are so many negative influences in our day, everything from television, newspapers and negative family and friends. I’ve heard more than one suggest limiting your exposure to these things. Whether you realize it or not, the negative is impacting you and the way you think!

Take these steps to protect your mind and make positive changes in your life:

  • Instead of the latest talk show or news show, turn off the TV and listen to a recording with positive messages! It could be your own voice recorded with positive self-talk messages, it could be a Tony Robbins program (my tapes are Napoleon Hill and Jim Rohn…old time classics!) or any other life-coach guru that you feel comfortable with.
  • Be aware of the negative around you and try to filter it out as much as possible. You may need to change friends, blogs you read or unlike some pages on Facebook but it’s all to your benefit. You’re mind and spirit will be more calm.
  • Read books (or listen to them on audio) that talk about personal empowerment and positive thinking
  • Go to business conferences and hear speakers discuss how essential surrounding yourself with positive talk is!
  • Pay attention to the positive changes that occur in your life and celebrate them!
  • Believe that you are WORTH the time and money invested in getting started on this good habit because you ARE!

My challenge to myself is to listen to these messages often every day. Instead of listening in my earphones all the time, I’m going to play it on the house stereo and in the car because I really think my kids will benefit from positive talk as well. It’s a small step to a more beautiful life and personal power!

Won’t you join me? Leave a comment below or on Facebook.com/AMominRedHighHeels if you’d like recommendations for audios, book or websites! Have something you’d like to recommend? Let me know!

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