4 Ways to Avoid Dull, Limp Hair

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4 Ways to Avoid Dull, Limp Hair
Good hair is not something you should take lightly. It takes work and diligence to maintain a beautiful, healthy head of hair. Those who have lost their hair to cancer treatments, or other medical problems, would encourage you to take care of your hair and not take it for granted. Even if you have fine, thin hair you should still appreciate every strand you have and treat it with respect and love.

As indicated by the interest on my Hair Inspiration pinterest board, hair is a hot topic on the mind of many women. From sassy short hair to long, lush locks, women dream of perfect hair days. Here is a sampling of women are pinning and re-pinning (the first one has over 800 pins!):





So, how do you avoid dull, limp hair and proudly wear lush locks? You follow these simple “rules” for hair care:

      1. Avoid junk food. Yep, sugar is a problem for your locks just like it is for your waistline. With the holidays fast approaching, including Halloween and all it’s sugary goodness, you need to be hyper-aware of your sugar intake. A candy here, a cookie there, adds up to way too many simple carbs and your skin, energy, weight and hair will ALL suffer the consequences.  Instead eat a balanced diet which includes almonds, salmon, sweet potatoes, lentils, blueberries and foods filled with protein like chicken or eggs.  Your hair is essentially protein, foods rich in protein are the building blocks to healthy hair.
      2. Avoid heat. While blow dryer smooth hair can be sexy and curling iron produced waves can be gorgeous, your hair needs a break!  Give your style a day off from heat a couple times per week. Opt for updos or natural texture instead.
      3. Avoid canceling your salon appointment.  Life is busy, I get it, but if you don’t get regular hair cuts (every 6-8 weeks), your hair will suffer.  Getting a trim will keep your ends fresh and healthy but cutting away damage.  Split-ends have no place on your head.  Be diligent about having them removed!You Wear Your Hair Every Day
      4. Avoid over washing your hair.  Two to four times per week is plenty.  When you wash your hair too frequently, you strip it of it’s natural oils, leaving the hair dry.  Instead, use a product line that allows you to have clean hair for longer!

Living Proof PhD shampoo and conditioner are a routine changing duo that keeps hair cleaner, longer reducing the need to wash your hair as often. These are sulfate-free, oil-free and silicone-free. This means it is safe for your color-treated, keratin treated hair and won’t strip it. It won’t cause build-up or make your hair oily. That is pretty great, right?

Living Proof Perfect hair Day (PhD)

I’ve been using Living Proof routinely since I introduced it to you last month (see: Hot Hair Colors for Fall 2014). It leaves my hair clean and soft, plus it smells really good! I normally only wash my hair every 3 days. I feel that my hair looks fresher on that third day than it does when I use other products. Case in point, my hair in these pictures is in need of a wash but doesn’t look limp or oily!

Living Proof hair

I think my hair is “living proof” that the products work!

I’ve also been using the Perfect hair Day (PhD) 5-in-1 styling treatment on a regular basis. I’m not a huge styling product fan but I am a fan of this product! It does not weigh my hair down or cause it to be greasy so I use it and enjoy the extended style that I have when using it. Plus, it takes care of all my styling needs in one step by giving my hair smoothness, volume, conditioning, strength and polish! Busy moms love multi-tasking products like this one!

If you’d like to try Living Proof for yourself or want to learn more, check out the company website: livingproof.com.


Now through November 8th, with an order of $20 or more, you can enter the exclusive code below to get a free Perfect hair Day (PhD) 5-in-1 Styling Treatment in travel size. With this order you will also receive free samples and free shipping! Shopping Code: NOV2014

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Be diligent with how you care for your hair and it will look beautiful, healthy and strong!

Love, Tammy




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  1. These are great tips! I think that one of the most common mistakes that women make is overwashing, resulting in that “dull/faded” look that so many women are working to avoid. In fact, I really think that by washing less, women could possible eliminate the need for some of those other pricier hair care products.