3 Ways To Look Slimmer This Summer

Looking slim in your wardrobe is never more important than in summer.  Am I right?  Every other season you can cover up and camouflage any areas you are unhappy with but summer is the time of year that stresses us out about our body.  Every woman is impacted by these feelings of body doubt.  If she’s not, either she is in great shape (and I applaud her) or she simply embraces her body as is (and I applaud her).  For the rest of us, I have 3 solutions to help us look slimmer this summer:

    Slimfabulous Women's Slimming Draped Skirt

  • Shapewear, specifically Slimfabulous by Attention!  This new line of basic wear is offering women everywhere an affordable and stylish shapewear option!  It has built in shapewear under the garmet, is very lightweight, comfortable and did I mention, stylish?  I wore my Slimming Drape Skirt for a test-wear and received many compliments on it.  Once I showed the women the technology behind the fit and the amazing price ($19.99), they were all very impressed!  The Slimfabulous line will help your body look sleek, slim and hold it all in.  Each garmet offers different benefits.  From dresses to pants, to skirts, shorts and tops, you can build your wardrobe to look slimmer this summer!  Available at Kmart.com.

  • Everyone knows if you look tan, you look slimmer.  But everyone also knows that tanning is a big skin no-no.  What to do?  What to do?  I know!  Use St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse.  It is hands-down the best faux color I’ve used!  It’s not a colorless cream that is hard to evenly apply nor a spray that fills your nostrils.  It’s a brown tinted mousse that you can clearly see and easily apply.  The color is not very pretty fresh out of the can (much like a dirty diaper, honestly) but wow, does it give a nice brown tint to your legs.  No more orange tinted sunless tanners!  Hello tropical island tan!  I made the mistake of applying with my hands the first go-round and stained my hands even after washing them immediately.  The second application I wised up and used the accompanying mitt.  I only use this on my legs.  For an all over body demo, watch the company issued how-to video.  This $30 faux tan is worth the price! Available at www.sttropeztan.com or QVC.com

St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse...see the difference?

  • Or, you can look slimmer the best way… exercise!  Yep, slimming down actually takes work but don’t worry, it doesn’t have to feel like work.  It can be fun to work out with videos like Rockin Model!  This workout video is a 65 minute full body workout that includes yoga, ballet, burlesque, and conditioning. The workout is designed by celebrity trainer Grace Lazenby who keeps the workout fun and effective. The video includes snapshots of Los Angeles (so rockin’ roll) and cool workout fashions including segments using fedoras, which helps add to the enjoyment of the workout! Don’t let the fashion fool you though, you will feel this workout! My favorite part? Feeling and training like a dancer. In my next life, I want to be a dancer! $24.99 on Amazon.com.

Rockin Models Workout

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  1. Reena says:

    The slimfabulous skirt is really interesting. :) I would surely want to wear a skirt that can make me look slimmer.

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