A reader recommended Viviscal to me at my complaint of wanting longer hair. Viviscal is a hair growth vitamin that is taken as a dietary supplement. While it is marketed primarily for thinning hair (hello, new moms! Anyone experience this after child birth?), I’m told it will also work to help my hair grow faster. I just started the 3 month supply and am excited to see the results in 3 months! My stylist knows my goal to go longer so we’ll work together to keep my hair healthy with light trims.

My top 3 reasons for using Viviscal to help my hair grow:


Waves! Long, casual waves. Shorter hair is harder to wave since curling irons/hot rollers are larger and not that much hair fits around the wand! While a wave is a good change now and then, I look forward to a more romantic, sexy look rather than a “cute” look.


Massive hair volume (without looking like a triangle head!)


I want to do this to my hair…SO cool!

What reason would you have for using Viviscal?

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  1. I’m LOVING Viviscal, I’ve been using it for about 2 months now. AMAZING! But it definitely means more frequent touch ups for my highlights.

  2. Kelly Glenn » I have NO problem with that if my hair will grow. I must have the slowest growing hair around! Thanks for your input, I’m excited for the results 🙂

  3. I see that you started Viviscal in February, how long did your hair grow since then?

  4. I only wish it was less expensive. I mean nearly £50 per month for some fancy hair vitamin tablets!