As we close out 2012, you may be looking for new opportunities for 2013. Something that you can do to help the family income yet maintain control of your own schedule. You want it to be fun, for sure and if it included discounts on fashion and beauty, wouldn’t that be lovely?

Here’s a suggestion:

How about Avon? Given that it is a long-standing company, you can be confident that their system works again and again. When I interviewed Shawna Snyder back in October, I was impressed with the Avon opportunity and how even with her busy life, she was able to maintain a level of income that made her time invested worthwhile. Avon will support you through every step of your journey. They have the road to success mapped out for their Reps, there is no need to invent anything new or come up with your own business plan. This is an opportunity that takes commitment but you can actually begin seeing success fairly quickly by following the business model. It’s nice to not have to think about every little detail.

I attended a meeting with Shawna on a week night. The local Avon Reps came together to celebrate the successes of the top performing reps…and there were many! We all love recognition for our work, do we not? This meeting was very encouraging and supportive of the women.

The sales meeting also included prizes and games that created an atmosphere of fun and connection. Not only did the women connect with each other, they had the opportunity to learn more about Avon products, sales tactics and best practices for the business. New products were introduced (The Unplugged for Her fragrance was just releasing) and suggestions were given on how to best sell them. No woman walked away wondering how to approach customers or what to do with a new line of perfume.

Obviously, Avon wants Reps to succeed as it’s good for their bottom line but there is a real connection and caring for each others success shared in the room. The Reps really encourage each other and learn from each other.

The environment of the meeting was not intimidating nor did you feel like you had to hide if you didn’t make your sale’s goal. A few children were present (as many reps are moms of young ones!), lots of product display as well as any support material a Rep may need.

Bottom line, there is a lot of support. If you are looking for a business opportunity that you can keep as small as you want or go as big as you want, I encourage you to check into Avon. You’ll be encouraged, understood and loved by the others who understand exactly what you are needing.

2013 can be the year you take charge of a new opportunity! Contact Shawna with any questions or because you know you are ready to get started!

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*This post is part of a sponsored series showcasing an Avon Leader.

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  1. Great advice – I think some of the benefits to starting your own business are universal. It’s great that the meeting environment was informal. I think a more formal meeting environment can actually be detrimental to productivity.