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It is a new year, a new beginning so, instead of trying things the same old way, how about putting a new concept to work? You’ve made the same resolution since you’ve had babies…you want to lose weight. Come January 1, you are convinced this is your year and you are gun-ho to lose the 15 pounds that have been with you for far too long.

You make a commitment to hit the gym (yes, the same one you have been paying for but not using since last February.).
You buy some cute new workout wear to motivate you.
You even arrange for a friend to be your workout buddy. You’ll encourage each other and hold each other accountable.


Your child is sick.
Your dog is sick.
Your foot hurts.
Your head hurts.
You need to go in early to work.
You need to stay late at work.
Your car is not working.
It’s cold outside.

Sound familiar? Those excuses come fast and easy. Pretty soon it is February and you’ve lost all motivation and you feel helpless.

So, this year, how about trying something new? Why not, it can’t be worse than the past 3 years…

The 1-Hour Goddess |

Introducing, The 1-Hour Goddess: A Woman’s Guide to Happiness: Quit Cardio, Lose Fat and Get Fit by Lifting. This book will teach you how to stop wasting time at the gym on cardio, why you need to quit dieting and what to do instead, how to lose fat and how to get results in less than 1 hour per week (you read that right, I said “week”). You’ll find the book is more about lifestyle than it is about diet.  It is a new way of looking at exercise and nutrition.

This book is based on the “Pareto’s Principle” (the principle states that, for many phenomena, 20% of invested input is responsible for 80% of the results obtained.) Author, Anne Clara Laugesen shares a way to “maximize the results we achieve while minimizing the time we invest.”

I am all for shorter workouts. As it is, I hit the gym for an hour 4-5 times per week. I refuse to stay longer than one hour because my schedule is too busy. This book shares reasons why even that is too much!

The 1-Hour Goddess declares, “Fit and strong is the new skinny.” and “Muscle = sexy.”  Read between the lines, muscle is good and YOU (yes, you) need some! Here’s why:

“It’s sad because for centuries, the science of muscle building has belonged to men – when really this belongs to all human kind. To endure birth, we need strength and stamina. Studies have shown that exercise decrease the time of labor as well as the need for interventions. Also it has been proven that babies born by a fit mum show higher intelligence and coordination skills. Practicing weight lifting can aid in knowing and practicing how to pick up our children without hurting our backs – and this is essential for our long-term health. We women need to take ownership of our bodies and future and claim our part of the workout world.”

Are you convinced that reading this book is at least worth your while? You’ll discover the why and how to get lean and strong without looking manly.  Anne Clara lays it all out for you, including a workout plan.

I’m game for the twice a week workout for a maximum of 30 minutes each time! Wow! I could get so much more done during my week! Of course. what I eat totally matters and some cardio is necessary to keep my heart healthy but Anne Clara talks about all this in the book. Everything she recommends is doable and realistic!

If you are serious about your health and  body, get started now before you look up and realize bikini season is upon you! No excuses, it’s time to make a change!

Check out Anne Clara’s website, WorkoutPerfect, and learn more about the book, including where to buy it!

Let me know how it goes!

Love, Tammy


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